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 One of the world's most exciting and versatile DJs

Rhiannon is a house music lover.  As a versatile artist, however, she can produce, play, and perform everything from house (bass, future, electro, deep, or tech) to trap, moombahton, hip hop, and mash-up.  No matter what kind of music she's spinning, she mixes seamlessly by ear and selects tracks on-the-fly.  Rhiannon never plays the same set twice; every show is improvised to please the crowd in the moment.  At special shows, she performs her original tracks live on the mic during her set.  This girl is all about the live show.  You've got to be there to get it.

Photo 2016-05-02, 4 07 41 PM
Photo 2016-09-06, 9 15 40 PM
Photo 2014-07-12, 1 34 47 PM
Photo 2012-10-09, 12 23 49 PM
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